First: Tasks of the protocol section

To receive and see off visiting faculty and professors, external examiners, contracted professors and instructors, and guests at the airport and to supervise their residential transportation needs.

To receive invitees and organize their appropriate seating in events organized by SEU.

To prepare organize reception of SEU guests.

To prepare and organize SEU president's local and foreign visits in coordination with the office of his excellency.

To attend to all matters related to diplomatic passports issued for high SEU administrators.

Second: Tasks of Media Unit

To report SEU news to local newspapers and mass media.

To coordinate interviews and programs of SEU administrators with the media,

To respond to media reports after consulting relevant authorities in SEU.

To organize and coordinate press conferences and TV programs at the university.

To coordinate the publication of newspapers advertisements with SEU departments and administrations.

To prepare drafts of statements given by SEU officials (president and vice-presidents)

To publish and update SEU news on the university Homepage.

To coordinate with bodies outside the university about media events relevant to SEU.

To establish a positive healthy relation with the media, so as to construct a positive and realistic image of the university and its mission, and to transmit this message to the wider public.

To carry out the task of contributing to local and international newspapers, after coordination with the Administration of Administrative Affairs in SEU.

To prepare SEU media file.

To undertake the task of documenting press information and media releases.

To be actively involved with the main events of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

To issue an electronic newsletter in the name of SEU and to supervise its publication.