Vice Rector's for Academic Affairs Word

​​​    Educational systems worldwide have witnessed rapid developments and radical changes that have pushed educational institutions in general and higher education institutions in particular away from the traditional approach to teaching and learning, in view of the rapid development of Information and Communication technology, and the emergence of a new generation of advanced educational technologies On the educational process in higher education institutions. These developments have changed the traditional concept of the educational process and its components, especially changing the traditional boundaries between the parties to the educational process, eliminating the spatial and temporal constraints, and developing modern mechanisms of knowledge exchange between the two parties of the educational process (teacher and learner). Perhaps one of the most striking transformations in higher education institutions is the shift towards e-learning as a strong support for the learning process.​

    The Saudi Electronic University was established in 1432H as a public university to promote the higher education system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is one of the leading universities in blended learning in the Arab world. It adopts a unique model in blended learning by combining the advantages of the traditional educational system the e-learning model, through the intensive use of educational technology, giving the Saudi Electronic University the lead in this area at the local and regional level and the Arab world, and be a house of expertise.​

    The Vice Rectorate for Academic affairs works through the blended learning model adopted by the University to achieve the quality of educational outputs through a set of mechanisms and characteristics of its unique model, especially the regularity of attendance in the study both face to face and virtual, and the degree of higher interactivity included in the education strategy through the tools provided by the educational platform, Continuous multi-channel communication, emphasis on individual responsibility as part of the university's teaching and learning strategy, and enabling the student to expand his / her knowledge by linking courses and programs to electronic knowledge resources.

    The Vice Rectorate ​for Academic affairs seeks to build the knowledge economy in the Kingdom by adopting the blended learning model, which is a strong competitor, if not an alternative to traditional education, to achieve educational outcomes according to international quality requirements, the labor market requirements and the economic development requirements.