Vice President’s Word

​​​​​​​​​​     The Vice Presidency of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research is committed to provide an attractive and stimulating environment for innovation and excellence in educational, research and societal outputs. It will be able to accomplish its mission through investing in human, technical and scientific recourses. So, the university can reach world class university status.

With regards to offering distinctive postgraduate programmes in cooperating with regional and global partners, the VPGSSR highly considers its crucial role in community service by providing excellent outcomes to contribute in fulfilling society needs. In addition, the VPGSSR seeks to establish a fruitful research unit that will offer research programs and initiatives as well as improve postgraduate programs by applying quality standards and academic accreditation to achieve the University's vision.​

   ​​  The VPGSSR  supporting deanships, departments, and employees are always available to assist and support the educational organization and students, in cooperation with all deanships and colleges at the University to achieve its vision and strategic plans.


  ​Best Regards​,​​,


​The Vice President of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research

     ​                                                                                                                               ​​              Dr.  Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Alawairdhi