Vision and Mission


Distinction in postgraduate studies and scientific research.


VRGSSR strives to be the best in postgraduate programs and scientific research disciplines,  through which creativity, leadership and partnership contribute to building the economy of the knowledgeable community.


  • Provide globally competitive postgraduate programs to meet strategic needs of KSA.

  • Develop strategic partnership with local and global academic institutions.

  • Enable related institutions to benefit from postgraduate programs and scientific research outcomes of SEU.

  • Enhance research infrastructure to promote scientific research at the University.

  • Enhance community partnership by establishing scientific chairs to participate in studying society cases.

  • Reinforcing scholarship programs to meet the need of academic departments.

  • Recruit distinctive faculty members and researchers to advance the educational and research level in the university.

  • Provide up-to-date knowledge resources.

  • Improve faculty members skills to achieve academic and professional excellency.

  • Promote and encourage scientific publishing in world-class journals. ​