The VPGSSR responsibilities include the following:​

  • Supervising departments and deanships of the Vice Rectorate, and following up their work according to the vision of the University.
  • Supervising the Scientific Council works.
  • Studying the need to open more postgraduate programs to serve community needs.
  • Supervising scientific research and directing it to achieve the community goals.
  • Supervising the provision of scientific resources for students and faculty members.
  • Supporting faculty members morally and materially in promoting their research activity.
  • Attracting distinguished Saudi faculty members.
  • Opening channels of knowledge exchange at the local and international levels.
  • Supervising interior and exterior scholarship programs in the University.
  • Supervising scientific publications in the University 
  • Supervising authorship and translation works in the University 
  • Searching for research funds to faculty members and students.
  • Supervising scientific research periodicals published by the Vice Rectorate.