About the Council

​​​     The Scientific Council was established according to Article (33) of the university system issued by Royal Decree No.305 dated 10/7/1435 AH, which supervises the scientific affairs of faculty members, researches, studies and publishing affairs and it contains the  following:

1.    Recommending to hiring university faculty members.

2.    Considering the scientific promotions for the university faculty members according to the rules approved by the Higher Education Council.

3.    Encouraging scientific research, writing, translation and publishing through:

  • Establish rules to encourage the preparation of scientific research.

  • Suggestion to establish scientific research centers.

  • Coordination between scientific research centers and make a general plan for them.

  • Organize the link with research centers outside the university.

  • Determine the encouragement and appreciation rewards for scientific works.

  • Publishing researches, writings, and scientific messages which should be published.

  • Recommending the issuance of scientific journals.

  • Recommending to establishing scientific institutes and museums and coordinating between them.

  • Approving of what is referred to like books and university messages that need to be reviewed.

4.    Evaluating the scientific certificates which submitted by Saudi faculty members.

5.    Considering what is referred to them by the University Council.