General Supervisor’word

All praise is due to Allah, and may peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad


Our government has placed high importance on education especially in the last few years. Therefore, all means are provided to facilitate the process of joining the system of higher education. Saudi Electronic University's role is to emphasize the importance of e-learning in our life today, and to convey education to all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with different classes by means of its various branches and the application of a blended learning system which includes both distance learning and traditional learning.  This gives the student a chance to learn according to his/her time and responsibilities, and does not require his daily attendance.


Moreover, the female students section at the Saudi Electronic University try to arrange and facilitate all the educational matters by providing the best classrooms, faculty members and staff. The purpose of creating an effective educational environment that reflects the university is mission of helping the distinctive students to graduate with the ability to fulfill the labor market requirements and to benefit from their scientific knowledge.

On the other hand, the female students' section mandate is to create an efficient administrative environment to support the faculty members by giving different training courses and programs to the university officials in order to improve their performance, which is direct reflection upon the university.




​Dr. May bint Salem Alnabaheen                  

The General Supervisor of the Female Students Section