About Vice Rectorate

​The Vice Rectorate of planning, development and quality is mainly concerned with applying the highest standards of quality and academic accreditation in educational process and administrative work. In addition, The Vice Rectorate provides a direct supervision, evaluation and continuous development for all SEU programs and departments. Therefore, to achieve this highly essential role and to be one of the world-leading universities, Vice Rectorate ​provides training programs to all SEU employees.


  • Direct contribution to the establishment of a distinctive and effective work environment.
  • Consolidate the quality principles in both teaching and learning processes to produce distinguished graduates and meet the requirements of the labor market.
  • Ensure that colleges and scientific programs comply with national and international accreditation standards and provide the necessary support.
  • Ensure continuous development of educational outcomes and employee performance (administrators) through the provision of suitable training programs to all segments.
  • Build an integrated system for measuring, monitoring, counting, and evaluating the university achievements, in order to reach a distinguished performance at all levels.