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Building a sustainable relationship between the University and its alumni is a global common practice by well-known Universities.  This continuous relationship will ensure alumni's loyalty to the University resulting in different types of support and mutual benefits. The Saudi Electronic University is keen to create a sustainable relation between the University and its alumni and among the alumni themselves to enhance the University's reputation and visibility to effectively contribute to advancing the country's development.



            To be a regional leader in establishing a sustainable and productive partnership with the University alumni.


           To build a permanent and effective relationship between the University and its alumni as well as among the alumni themselves to enhance mutual benefit which will be reflected in enhancing the University's reputation and advancing the country's development.


  1. Establishing an up-to-date database for the alumni.
  2. Soliciting Alumni feedback regarding their university and workforce experience.   
  3. Attracting outstanding alumni to contribute to conferences, workshops, and lectures.
  4. Maintaining continuous communication channels between the alumni and the university's academic environment to provide an opportunity for the exchange of ideas, experiences, and follow-ups on any updates on their area of expertise.
  5. Providing positive alumni contribution to University's job fairs.
  6. Enriching the collaboration between employers and the University through the alumni.
  7. Facilitating the establishment of partnership with alumni's employers in reference to cooperative training programs.   


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