Student Rights And Responsibilities

​     The Vice rectorate, for Planning, Development and Quality has formed an independent body (Students' Rights Committees) to fulfil students' rights and handle students' complaints professionally and neutrally

Students' Rights Committees are responsible of raising students' awareness among students about their rights and responsibilities and seek to fulfil those rights and to handle students' complaints.

The committees were established to meet the following aims:

  • To affirm the principle of justice as an essential pillar in building an ideal society within the university.
  • To find a neutral body to handle students' complaints.
  • To take care of students' complaints and work hard to uphold justice.
  • To raise students' awareness of their rights in the university and how to obtain them through systematic ways within the university framework.

Students' committees are divided into two categories according to the type of complaint, and are described below:

Main Committee:

The Main-Committee consider complaints against administrative units of the university and complaints against a Sub-Committee's previous judgment of a complaint.


The Sub-Committee is the first destination for the students, it consider all student complaints related to educational and administrative matters, except for complaints concerning the administrative units of the university outside the framework of the college.


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