The Planning Department:

The main task of the Planning Department is to supervise the planning process and to follow-up strategic analysis. In addition, it is responsible for benchmarking and analyzing University data to be used in different SEU plans. Moreover, Planning Department prepares strategic plans for various SEU units and insures achieving full integration with SEU overall strategic plan.

The Development Department:

The main role of Development Department is to supervise administrative development and to improve work environment through proposing development projects in various sectors of SEU and following up the execution of such projects, as well following-up career development for SEU administrators.

Quality and Academic Accreditation Department:

It is mainly concerned with applying quality concepts and principles among all SEU programs and departments though preparing quality assurance system and insuring its execution in different SEU units. In addition, it provides administrative and organizational frameworks to achieve national and program academic accreditation. Moreover, Alumni Unit seeks to improve educational process and to maintain continuous positive relations with SEU graduates in different majors, in order to build an effective partnership with the labor market though receiving graduate feedback about learning outcomes.

The Statistics and Data Department:

The main task of the statistics and data department is to collect, analyze and classify data over different SEU departments in which it plays an essential role in providing internal and external entities with data and statistics about various aspects of SEU activities, including education, research and administration and finance.​