Vice Rectorate's Tasks

  • ​​Help the University's rector at managing all related departments.
  • Supervision of (deanship of Academic staff and employee's affairs, the information and learning technology, female branch and administrative and financial affairs) and grant them authority according to the university systems to create a suitable environment, to produce high quality learning outcomes.
  • Supervising and monitoring all matters related to financial management, and the administrative of contracts and purchases such as tenders.
  • Supervision of financial planning of the university and following up on the budget items, and discuss them with the Ministry of Finance as well.
  • Supervision and maintenance of the university's facilities and buildings, as well as, supervising projects construction and monitoring them.
  • Supervision of all matters related to technical affairs at the university.
  • Supervising and working on updating the administrative work methods and its ongoing improvement to implement all work procedures electronically, to ensure the completion of administrative and financial transactions at a specific time and in high efficiency.​

Vice​ Rector's Committees

  •  Standing Committee for Electronic Transactions.
  •   Standing Committee for Contracts.
  •   Standing Committee for Direct Purchase.
  •   Standing Committee for Extra Work.
  •    IT Committee.
  •    Self-financing Committee.
  •    Committee of Movements.