Vice Rector's Word

All praise is due to Allah, and may peace and blessing be upon our prophet Muhammad…


Believing in the important role of Saudi Electronic University, to achieve its vision and mission in building economy and knowledge society, and fulfill the labor market's needs of outstanding scientific competencies. The vice rectorate works hard to improve the performance of all University sectors (administrative, financial, and technical) by providing a motivational climate, and administrative, technical, and full logistical support to develop the university's performance and achieve its goals. It also strives hard to create an ideal working environment and to raise the administrative work in all departments and facilities of the vice rectorate, including the female's section by using the best technical systems and the effective electronic procedures to match the approach of learning at the university and to introduce better services to its employees professionally.


                                                                                                And Allah is the grantor of success,


Vice Rector 

D. Ibrahim bin Abdul-Aziz Almuaiqel