Academic Calendar for the Master 1439 -1440 AH


First Semester





Course registration for college students us​ing Banner​

Starts Monday

16/12/1439 AH

05/08/2018 AD

Ends Thursday

19/12/1439 AH

30/08/2018 AD

Deadline for “Postpone semester" service on student services for college students


22/12/1439 AH

02/09/2018 AD

Start of First semester Classes


22/12/1439 AH

02/09/2018 AD

Deadline for (Drop off semester, withdrawal from course, university withdrawal)

*Refundable tuition for the current semester


06/01/1440 AH

16/09/2018 AD

National Day holiday


13/01/1440 AH

23/09/2018 AD

​“Withdrawal from course"  on student services

*Non-refundable tuition​

Starts Sunday

29/12/1440 AH

09/09/2018 AD

Ends Thursday

24/01/1440 AH

04/10/2018 AD

Deadline to “Drop off semester"  on student services

*Non-refundable tuition


10/03/1440 AH

18/11/2018 AD

​Enable student services for second semester, including: changing major, branch transfer, request for re-enrollment ​

Starts Sunday

26/02/1440 AH

04/11/2018 AD

Ends Sunday

10/03/1440 AH

18/11/2018 AD

Disable “university withdrawal"  until the end of final examinations


06/04/1440 AH

13/12/2018 AD

Final examinations for first semester


09/04/1440 AH

16/12/2018 AD

Start of the mid-year vacation for​ students

By the end of Thursday

20/04/1440 AH

27/12/2018 AD


Second Semester


Course Registration through Banner Starts Wednesday26/04/1440 AH02/01/2019 AD
Ends Saturday06/05/1440 AH12/01/2019 AD
The Beginning of Second SemesterSunday30/04/1440 AH06/01/2019 AD
Deadline for “Postpone Semester" serviceSaturday26/05/1440 AH12/01/2019 AD
Enable student services for (Drop off semester, withdrawal from a course, university withdrawal)Sunday07/05/1440 AH 13/01/2019 AD

Deadline for "Drop off semester, withdrawal from a course, university withdrawal"

*With Refundable tuition


20/05/1440 AH

26/01/2019 AD

Deadline for “Withdrawal from course" service

*Non-refundable tuition

Thursday14/07/1440 AH21/03/2019 AD

Deadline for “Drop off semester" service

*Non-refundable tuition

Sunday24/07/1440 AH31/03/2019 AD
Enable student services including " changing major, branch transfer, request for re-​instatement" Starts Sunday26/06/1440 AH03/03/2019 AD
Ends Thursday14/07/1440 AH 21/03/2019 AD
Start of Final examsSunday16/08/1440 AH 21/04/2019 AD
Start of the Summer Holiday By the end of Thursday27/08/1440 AH 02/05/2019 AD

Objection on Final Exam Scores
Starts Sunday30/08/1440 AH05/05/2019 AD
Ends Thursday04/09/1440 AH09/05/2019 AD
Beginning of faculty members annual leave
18/9/1440 AH​23L5L2019 AD​
Return of faculty members​
Sunday​​17/12/1440 AH​18/8/2019 AD​
Beginning  of first semester of the academic year 2019\2020Sunday02/01/1441 AH01/09/2019 AD

Summer Semester

Subject​ DayHijriGregorian

Course registration for students using Banner​
Starts Sunday06/10/1440 AH09/06/2019 AD
Ends Saturday12/10/1440 AH15/06/2019 AD
Start of summer semester of the academic year 2018/2019Sunday06/10/1440 AH09/06/2019 AD
Enable “Drop off Summer Semester" service on student services for registered students in summer semester
Starts Sunday13/10/1440 AH16/06/2019 AD
Ends Sunday20/10/1440 AH23/06/2019 AD
Deadline for (Drop off Semester, University Withdrawal) with refundable tuition for registered students in summer semester

20/10/1440 AH

23/06/2019 AD
Deadline for tuition payment Sunday20/10/1440 AH23/06/2019 AD

Deadline for “Drop off Semester" service

*Non-refundable tuition

Sunday04/11/1440 AH07/07/2019 AD
Enable student services for first semester, including: branch transfer, request for re-enrollment for college students
Starts Sunday04/11/1440 AH07/07/2019 AD
Ends Thursday22/11/1440 AH25/07/2019 AD
Disable “University Withdrawal" service until the end of final examinationsThursday22/11/1440 AH25/07/2019 AD
Final examinations for summer semesterSunday25/11/1440 AH28/07/2019 AD
Start of first semester of academic year 2019/2020Sunday02/01/1441 AH01/09/2019 AD​


  • University Withdrawal" service is available throughout the year and is disabled during final examination periods.
  • All of Academic requests "Drop off semester, withdrawal from course..." must submitted via student services website.
  • Changing major, branch transfer requests (if accepted) are valid on the next semester of request submission.
  • Requests for pre-MPA Waiver" must be provided to the college at least one month before the beginning of the study year.​