Registration For Summer training Courses Of Academic Year 1439/1440 AH


Dear students

The Deanship of Admissions and Student Affairs announces the opening of the registration for the summer semester of the academic year 1439/1440 AH for training courses

 On Thursday, 18/09/1440 AH corresponding to 23/05/2019 AD Until Monday, 22/09/1440 AH corresponding to 27/05/2019 AD

Registration will be  through the Baner for College of Administration and Finance

Registration will be through the College for( Health Sciences College - computing and informatics College).


  according to following table:​

ACCT 430​
​MGT 430
​E-COM 430
​ACCT 430
​MGT 430
​E-COM 430

We wish you success and prosperity