Prof. Almuaiqel visits King Fahad Security College to discuss ways of cooperation in areas of education and training

         His excellency the Rector of SEU, prof. Almuaiqel, visited King Fahd Security College in Riyadh on Tuesday, where he was welcomed by General Alduaij, Head of the College. They began by discussing ways of cooperation between them regarding education and training.

       The delegation of SEU watched a documentary about King Fahad Security College. They also visited King Salman Security Library, Center of Studies and Research, and Higher Institute of Security Studies. In addition, they reviewed bachelors of security studies. Afterwards, they had a meeting in Ibn Khaldoon hall room.

       Later, the Rector of SEU, prof. Almuaiqel gave an overview about SEU. He pointed out that the University provides such unique programs that seek to promote the Saudi labor market. Also, it has partnerships with a number of prestigious universities such as Franklin University, Ohio State University and Colorado State University. So, one of SEU strategies is to make visits like this mainly to facilitate the path to cooperate with outstanding local and global academic institutions. The benefits of such a cooperation are to promote sustainable development and fulfill interests of citizens just to effectively achieve the Vision 2030.

       SEU delegation was consisted of Vice Rector of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Dr. Alawairdi, and Vice Rector of Educational Affairs, Dr. Alhussein.