OHIO University


​Ohio University (OU) is one of the oldest public universities in the United States, located in Athens, Ohio, United States. OU is a research university ranked as the 9th oldest university in the US founded in 1804.

OU has five regional campuses and e-learning programs that extend educational access and opportunity to many students along with their blended education technique for more than 100 years.

SEU collaborate with OU to develop its academic programs achieving high quality in E-learning. OU plays a role in evaluating course plans offered by SEU, where those plans will be presented to the center of international studies-Ohio university. The center accepts a maximum of 90 course plans to be evaluated.  The role of OU extends to:

  1. Evaluation of courses according to quality requirements and academic accreditation.
  2. Benefit from the experience the University of Ohio in courses evaluation.
  3. Improve courses quality.
  4. Set evaluation criteria of SEU.


website of Ohio University :