​Blackboard Inc. is an international enterprise technology company founded in 1997 in Washington D.C.  The company is primarily known as adeveloper of education software, in particular Blackboard Learn. In 2000 the company developed and implemented a learning management system that impacts every aspect of education.  Blackboard continued to prosper until 2004 when Blackboard became a public company.

Saudi Electronic University employed the blackboard system as its E-learning system. This system offers a multiple electronic services and allows managing students' educational process, students follow-up and monitoring the quality of learning process. In addition the system offers virtual communication at any time and at any place.

Blackboard system has a variety of tools that allows students and their instructors to review course content and interact using synchronize and un- synchronize methods. Using this technique student could attend classes, discuss and submit homework online.

The simplicity of the system encouraged global universities to employ blackboard system and in return SEU utilize it in order to connect their blackboard system with Colorado state University system.

Blackboard system was ranked in 2011 by Gartner organization as one of the pioneer systems in electronic learning management.

Saudi Electronic University has adopted the initiative of purchase a permanent license for the Learning management system (Blackboard) for all the Saudi  government universities for 2,600,000 users Including development, update and upgrade as agreed between the Ministry of Education and Saudi Electronic University to manage this project.
In addition, granting the license to universities free of charge, train the Saudi employees at these universities on system management, how to deal with the educational content and solving technical issues that may encounter the faculty members and student.
As well as  the provision of hosting services using the latest technology (Cloud Computing)  in a data center similar to the main Blackboard data center in the Netherlands, under the supervision of the Saudi Electronic University and Blackboard Inc. to verify the suitability of this center for required Standardization and Metrology, follow-up the operation and maintenance procedures without any cost to the university.


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