The AFD is one of SEU bodies directly linked to the SEU president. It carries out all financial and accountancy works in accordance with enforced directives and regulations from the SEU and the Ministry of Finance, in addition to preparing end-of-year annual financial reports. The AFD includes the following administrative departments: Accountancy and audits Department, Accounts Department, Pay to Order and Checks Department, and Cashiers Department.


Main Tasks:

The main tasks assigned for AFD are:

- To carry out all accountancy jobs related to standing orders for payroll salary and financial benefits, and to review credit and loan repayments and keep accountancy records according to standard practice.  

- To participate in preparing the SEU fiscal budget.

- To issue checks

- To work in compliance with the financial regulations and bylaws and to supervise expenditure in all budgetary items in order to ensure sound financial practices and not to exceed assigned credit limits.

- To prepare (monthly or final) financial and accountancy reports required by authorized government departments.

- To prepare periodical reports about various activities of AFD and its completed tasks and to improve future performance.

- To prepare memos relevant to transfers from and to budgetary items.

- To keep records of all credits and to enter budgetary items in the general scheme of AFD.

- To prepare bank clearance statements and revenue accounts, and to balance and/or close account by the end of the financial year.

- To carry out general annual audit for cash flow and prepare special minutes for documentation.   

- To correspond with and answer queries from the Department of General Inspection and other relevant authorities.

- To follow up on all due payments and revenue and to payout all the SEU financial obligations.