- Department of (court) cases

- Department of Consultation Commission 

- Department of Contracts and Agreement

- Department of Investigation and appeal

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- To achieve the required high standard and desired pioneering position in various SEU works and activities.

- To ensure that all the SEU actions and procedures are implemented in accordance with General Saudi Universities Bylaws and Regulations.

- To draft contracts following standard legal practice, in a spirit that achieves the goals and benefits set for the contracts, and to protect the rights of SEU as legal entity.

- To ensure that university internal regulations are in compliance with the general bylaws, and that they meet the criterion of fairness by establishing a balance between rights and responsibilities which help create a positive work environment.

- To issue legal leaflets and organize seminars attended by high SEU administrators.

- To issue legal publications illustrating current SEU bylaws and regulations, in order to ensure that SEU's decrees and regulations are in compliance with general bylaws.

- To ensure agreement among administrative decree issued by various SEU's administrative units, and to rectify any violations of general bylaws.

- To provide legal consultations on demand from various SEU administrations, doing its best to present correct interpretation of the spirit of general bylaws in an attempt to reduce legal litigations to a minimum.

- To represent the SEU in courts and legal disputes, trying to achieve justice and secure the rights of individuals and institutions, without resorting to prolonging the period of disputation with no sound legal grounds.

- To ensure fulfilling all the above duties by employing capable legal consultants and experts of high professional quality supported by an administrative efficient team.



Main Tasks:

The main tasks assigned for ALA are:

- To study the minutes of college councils meetings forwarded from the SEU president.

- To study the minutes of various university councils such as the Academic Council and the Graduate Studies Council.

- To study the minutes of various committees presented for consideration and approval by the SEU administration, and to comment on the legality of the decisions and recommendations in these documents.

- To review the regulations and agreements forwarded to the ALA ensuring the accuracy of procedures and wording.

- To draft decrees and general directives forwarded to the ALA from SEU president or Vice-Presidents.

- To represent the SEU in legal cases including cases in Public Complaint Department (Diwan Al-Mazalem), and any other matter in which the SEU is involved.

- To prepare the SEU legal defense in Public Complaint Department (Diwan Al-Mazalem) and in other legal bodies in which SEU is being prosecuted.

-  To study the responsibilities assigned by administrative officials in the SEU to their inferiors and ensure that they are legally sound.

- To regularly review the memos which are scheduled for discussion in the University Council, and review, when asked to do so, memos sent to the Higher Education Council.

- To participate in disciplinary investigations of SEU employees when asked to do so.

- To study and comment on alleged violation of regulations or bylaws by SEU employees.

- To carry out any task which is forwarded to ALA by relevant administrators and which falls within its duties.

- To provide operational explication of regulations and bylaws when required.