ASW is an operational administration which works under Administrative Affairs. Its work is carried out within governmental bylaws and regulation for government warehouses. It ensures sound administration of storage and warehouses with reference to governmental bylaws and regulations for government warehouses, and it implements relevant decrees form the Ministry of Finance and the SEU for this purpose. The ASW makes estimations of annual requirements of various operational and administrative items and commodities. To achieve this, it coordinates with university units and departments, stores all needed items, supervises the distribution to administrative units, and contributes to meeting university objectives.    

Main Tasks:

The main tasks assigned for ASW include:

- Participating in specifying the requirements (material, equipment, apparatus and various items) in coordination with relevant beneficiaries.

-  Receiving shipments of material and all other needed items delivered to the SEU.

- Distributing items to various university units and departments upon receiving dispensation orders.

- Storing material and items using standard practice.

- Ensuring the accuracy of specifications of received material and equipment, in accordance with required specifications, accuracy of types and quantities.

- Receiving and storing returned items according to standard practice.

- Supervising the distribution of items and maintaining the maximum and minimum levels and the source of purchase.

- Securing security and safety in all university storage operations and warehouses.

- Keeping stored materials and items in good condition and protecting them from wear and tear.

- Applying standard warehouses regulations and procedures to all operations of receiving, distributing and retuning items.