Supervisor's word

I am pleased to welcome the visitors of the e-portal of SEU in Alahsa, and my special greetings to my dear students who will be the future potential and who will also be responsible for building and developing the Kingdom. Since the University seeks to implement the Vision 2030 that our beloved country seeks to achieve.
SEU focuses on the highest quality of performance, academic programs and education to prepare graduates who will be capable to compete in local and global labor market. They will accomplish this by having clear goals and an outstanding strategic plan that provides a distinct education in a blended manner just as the development we live with in the Kingdom.
The opening of a branch of SEU in Alahsa is regarded as a starting point to build an integrated branch that seeks with all its potentials to serve Alahsa and the surrounding governorates and centers. It also uniquely contributes to support the educational process to graduate qualified cadres who are able to participate in building our beloved country.
All employees of the branch intensively seek to achieve the determined goals in order to serve the Kingdom.
Finally, we hope to get expanded in academic majors in Al-Ahsa sooner, so that the development will become completed.
And Allah is the grantor of success.
The General Supervisor of Al-Ahsa Branch
           Dr. Saud Moqbel Alosaimi