Supervisor's Word

"In the Name of Allah, Lord of the Worlds, Blessings and Peace be invoked upon (the Seal) the Last of the Prophets and Messengers ever, our Prophet Mohammed, his Family, and his Companions.

The SEU is one of the Saudi State Universities which was established in accordance with the Royal Order No. 37409/b, dated 10/9/1432 H. Eventually, it occupies a unique position among the Saudi Universities, and it is meant to become the forerunner in providing various learning programs based on modern applications of Communication and Information Technologies, as well as on highly developed methods of E-Learning and Distance Learning, by the use of a Blended method that joins between the advantages of  Direct Attendance Learning and Virtual Attendance Learning. In so doing, it aims at rendering learning and teaching accessible all lifelong to all segments of the society- whether citizens or residents, of different age groups, at the University Branches spreading out in numerous cities all over KSA. These Branches confer several Bachelor and Post-Graduate Degrees, in addition to diversified sessions in continuous education.

Opening the SEU Branch at Al-Taif in 1435 H. is considered the starting step in building up an integrated Branch that strives and uses all facilities available to be in the service of Al-Taif community and its neighboring towns. Additionally, it is intended to play leading and unrivaled roles in contributing to support the Educational Process for the sake of graduating qualified human resources who will eventually contribute effectively to building up our Dear Country."

Dr. Adel bin Abdullah Gobouri,           

SEU General Supervisor of Al-Taif Branch