Supervisor's Word

​​In the name of Allah and peace to be upon his messenger Mohammad.
     Saudi Electronic University is taking the lead among other Saudi universities by providing a unique educational system of blended learning which combines face-to-face and distance learning styles.  Empowered by its determination to provide appropriate educational environment for its students and to reach the largest number of students, Saudi Electronic University opened 10 branches in different cities and villages of the Kingdom, including the main branch in the capital city Riyadh . SEU is planning to open more branches in the near future as well.
     Jeddah Branch is considered one of the largest branches in terms of numbers of registered students. It is one of the earliest SEU branches that were launched in the Kingdom.  Jeddah Branch provides certified Bachelor and Master programs.  By the guidance and support of ​the University Rector. Jeddah Branch provides a good educational environment for students by running operation in equipped classes, excellent computer labs and supporting all kinds of students’ activities.
     Jeddah Branch welcomes all suggestions that will contribute to the educational improvement of our services. SEU Administration offices and officers in all branches welcome  students' complaints and seek to solve them and support students in all means.


   ​Jeddah's Branch Supervisor

      Dr. Mohammad Mir Alam  ​