Department of Basic Sciences

The Department of Basic Sciences is one of the departments of College of Science and Theoretical Studies. It does not confer a degree as its courses are among the mandatory academic requirements of the university on which some of the university departments depend and these courses work as a support for students in their majors. As mathematics is the basis of both theoretical and practical science; today it plays an important role in the probability theory, the electronic science and calculators, and economy which its theories gradually turn into a mathematical science. Also, industry and trade depend on decision-making, which is closely related to statistics and probability, and the same goes to medicine, pharmacy, humanities and social sciences. Mathematics is an important tool for the development of thinking, organization of ideas and adopting some good attitudes such as self-reliance, cooperation and the application of scientific thinking and understanding of the surroundings where we live.

The department includes four scientific courses:

  • Discrete Mathematics.

  • Linear Algebra.

  • Statistics.

  • Quantitative Methods.