Department of Electronic Media


The Concept of Electronic Media:

It is a communication activity provided  by  communication media and information, depending on the Internet and its applications.

The Vision:

 The program seeks to help students to become leaders regionally and internationally in the field of Electronic Media.

The Mission:

To equip students with information and knowledge of E-media fundamentals and to practice it on the highest international standers. We aim to serve Islam and our country .

Targets of the Section:

  1. To provide students with the information and knowledge pertaining to media systems, its ethics, theories, and effects, the Internet and the modern communication technology and multi-media.
  2. To enable the students prepare and produce media materials that are suitable to be uploaded to the internet.
  3. Developing the students' capability in the field of performing media researches, audience studying, and public opinion.
  4. To promote the students' capability in reviewing and analyzing the E-media materials.
  5. To improve students’ skills in using the E-media techniques effectively.
  6. To provide a convenient environment for training the students to run and manage the E-media platforms inside and outside the University.


Prospective Characteristics of the E-Media Graduate:

  1. To be familiar with the knowledge and skills that are required for media writing in general, and for E-media writing in particular.
  2. To be able to deal with various information sources and database.
  3. To be able to create, design, and to produce E-media materials, including the various tools, graphics, and illustrations.
  4. To be able to manage Websites and their contents.
  5. To be familiar with roles and ethics of E-media .
  6. To create and design intelligent applications relevant to E-media.
  7. To be acquainted with the methods and fields of the media, and its modern trends in view of the dissemination of E-media tools.