English Department study role

​​​​​Study System

The System of Study at the College:
  1. The University adopts the Blended System in E-teaching. Direct ( face-to-face) lecture-attendance is a requirement in this system at 25%, and the other 25% as virtual (online) classes, whereas the rest 50% is distributed among attending educational forums and the constant following up of the contents of digital lea​rning.
  2. Student have to attend a minimum 12 hours in English weekly as per EF System, with interactive activities and virtual classes included.
  3. Student is banned from the course if the percentage of absence exceeds 25% of the total direct and virtual lectures (8 lectures), as long as the percentage of absence in one of them does not exceed 25% (i.e. 4 lectures of each type). ​
  4. Student have to pay  SR 130 tuition for every approved study unit.
  5. Studying at the University is based on the fact that the student is presumed to be energetic in seeking knowledge, the matter which requires a new vision regarding the roles of the learner in the higher education stage that is based on the individual's responsibility and self-leadership, and on the self-learning process in order to ensure the progress in learning and academic success. The student is expected to be an autonomous learner who takes on full responsibility to pass the provided subjects according to the University's learning system.
  6. The University provides a modern teaching process based on technology in the teaching/learning processes, wherein the role of the member of the teaching staff is confined to giving instruction and motivation, which ensures that the process of learning has actually been accomplished.


Passing the First Semester (Courses of the General Preparatory Semester):

The First Semester (Courses of the General Preparatory Class) in the College of Sciences and Humanities Studies- Law Section and E-Media Section, starts in the Second Semester each Academic year. Passing the First Semester (Courses of the General Preparatory Semester) stipulates the following :

  1. To pass the First Semester (Courses of the General Preparatory Class) stipulates passing the English Language Course. Regarding the other courses–Computing , and Academic Skills, in case the student fails in passing them, he will be granted another chance to be examined in them in the following Semesters, and they would be studied  in (Virtual - online - Classes), in the teaching forums, and in interacting with the E-Systems without direct ( Face-to-Face)  attendance.
  2. To pass the English Language course stipulates that the student acquires 65​ marks or more in the STEP test or the equivalent in IELTS, as well as acquiring 23 marks in the Course's Year-Works.
  3. To pass the remaining courses of the first semester - Courses of the General Preparatory Class- Computing , and Academic Skills stipulates that the student acquires 60% of the course's allotted total grade.
  4. In case the student fails in the three courses of the First Semester- Courses of the General Preparatory Class, his registration will be crossed out (annulled).
  5. In case the student fails in the English Course, he will be denied registration in the Academic Courses of the next Semester, and he will stand the chance to acquire the required grade in the English Course in the next Semesters, and the study will be carried out in (the virtual classes) and in the teaching forums, and the interaction with E-Systems without direct ( face-to face )attendance

Procedure for the Equivalence of the English Language Program:

The student is given the liberty not to study the English Course, which will be substituted with a qualifying certificate in English, if any, or in STEP, or the equivalent in IELTS, all based on the following:

  1. In case the student has acquired the score in the approved Evaluation Tests within a period not exceeding two years from the beginning of the year of sitting for these tests.
  2. The Student sends the Application for Equivalence through an icon denoting (English Course Equivalence), available at the Department of Students' Services.
  3. The concerned Committee will study the Application, check the data validity and the rate of the student's absence.
  4. The Committee decision concerning the English Course Equivalence will be sent to the student via his University e-mail.
  5. The Test Grades required and approved by the University: 83 for the STEP, and its equivalent for IELTS.
  6. The Deadline for taking in the Equivalence Applications will be a week before the date of the STEP Test provided by the University.
  7. The student can claim a refund of the English language course tuition in case the equivalence process takes place within the time of Tuition Refund specified on the university calendar.

College Admission Requirements for the English Department:

  1. The Candidate's obtainment of a High School Certificate, or its equivalent.
  2. No specific graduation year from High School or the Equivalent is required for male or female students' admission.
  3. The Comparison Process between Applicants (Candidates) is based on the average of the High School Certificate or its Equivalent.
  4. Admission of 5%  non-Saudis from among the total number of the students admitted, as it is the case in the other Colleges.

Regulations for the Transfer of Students and for Those Whose Registration Has Been Crossed Out:

Regulations for the transfer and admission of students whose registration has been crossed out at the College (The English Department):

  1. ​​​Students who have valid registration at the university can transfer to the English Department after they  complete the preparatory year and pass the STEP with 65 marks or higher  or its equivalent in IELTS.
  2. Students who have a valid registration and finished the preparatory year are allowed to transfer to the college in a condition of scoring 65​ or higher in STEP or its equivalent in IELTS, and not starting their Academic courses.
  3. Students in probation are given an opportunity to resume their study when they enroll as new students according to the conditions of students in probation specified by the university, and they are allowed to resume their study after two semesters of probation. In this case, the English language equivalence process is possible when students score 65 or higher in STEP or its equivalent in IELTS.
  4. Current students in the Preparatory Year who have finished the first semester and wish to transfer to the English Department are able to transfer upon completing the preparatory year and scoring 65 or higher in STEP or its equivalent in IELTS.
  5. Students who have started their academic year in another college and have passed courses with cumulative average can transfer to the English Department in condition of obtaining a GPA of 2.5/4. Courses that are taken at the University itself can be equalized to similar courses required by the departments​ , while courses taken from a different university cannot be equalized according to the regulations of the university.​