​​Graduates Skills:

Banks, Insurance Companies, Financial and Banking institutions and other kinds of companies always seek for graduates of Finance because financial expert have many skills;
1.They deeply understand the principles and concepts of financial systems and contracts.
2.They have a thorough knowledge of electronic financial systems and new methods of contracting .
3.They keep pace with the new ways or procedures of financial transactions.
4.They have the ability of reviewing and auditing financial transactions, and discovering contract mistakes and fixing them .
5.They also collect, save and organize financial papers.
6.They prepare various financial reports and make recommendations thereon.

Future Career:

-Financial Inspector, Financial Inspector Assistant, Financial Inspector Chief
-Financial Supervisor, Financial Supervisor Assistant, General Supervisor
-Financial Investigator, Financial Investigator Assistant, Financial Investigator Chief
-Revenue Researcher, Revenue Researcher Assistant, Revenue Consultant
-Revenue Analyst, Financial Analyst​​