Graduates Skills:​

E-Commerce is, a new field of study, a combination of business management and information technology. It is one of the strongest discipline that was categorized under management information systems but it became an independent field because of its recent fast growth. Some of the acquired skills of E-Commerce are as the following:
1.developing websites.
2.practicing electronic commerce.
3.commercial experience in Business.
4.business searching via internet.
5.creating personal electronic customer files.
6.managing e-commerce and companies sites.
7.using logical and proper analysis to solve problems related to marketing and electronic commerce.
8.supporting electronic transactions and developing staff electronic skills.
9.creating effective system for company, customers and employees.

Future Careers:

-Information Research Assistant
-Information Researcher
-Information Consultant
-Information Senior Consultant
-E-Business Analyst
-Business Intelligence Analyst
-Database Analyst
-E-Business Consultant
-Management Information Systems Analyst
-strategic information systems analyst
-information security adviser
-Web developers
-IT libraries specialist
-Director of Electronic Records