​The CAF was the first college to start teaching after the issuing of the Honorable Royal Decree number 37409/B dated 10/09/1432 Hijra, ordaining the establishment of the Saudi Electronic University. In a first step towards realizing the vision and mission of the SEU, the CAF started by constituting the following academic departments: Department of Business Administration, Department of Finance, Department of Accountancy, Department of E-Commerce. 
The CAF opens wide doors for the future, since its fields of specialization are needed for projects and partnerships in any public or private sectors company and institutions. The college provides the knowledge-base needed for study, investments and movement of capital in line with the appropriate scientific methods. Before planning and consulting construction companies, investors turn to business experts, graduate of business administration colleges, for viability studies.

Studying in the administration and finance is in demand by many students, due to the interest and satisfaction they find in studying something they like and find relevant to innovation in areas which others would not see as useful or not even possible. This is why many individuals enjoy the challenge of starting from simple projects to create legendary success building companies recognized   internationally, by pursuit of proper planning and sound bases offered by administration studies.