Committee Name

Description / Responsibilities

​BSIT Steering Committee ​This committee is responsible for steering the BSIT program and related academic issues such as teaching progress, midterm and final exams, grading, etc…
​Student Affairs Committee ​This committee considers all student related issues including academic advising, orientation, enhancing awareness, and out class activities for the students.
​Quality Committee ​This committee is responsible for maintaining the university’s quality standards, and derive the college to achieve NCAAA and ABET accreditations.
​Teaching & Faculty Development Committee
​This Committee is responsible for setting up the teaching best practices in the university blended learning model.
The committee also develops the required skills for the teaching faculty, and should provide supporting materials for the new faculty members.
It also monitors & evaluates teaching effectiveness of faculty members of the department including members of the committee.
​Curriculum Committee
​This Committee is responsible for reviewing all proposals for substantive changes to undergraduate & Graduate courses, including the creation of new courses, the deletion of old courses, and changes to syllabus for required courses. The committee is also responsible for coordinating the evaluation and reviewing the online courses provided by Franklin University
​New Programs & Planning Committee ​This Committee is responsible for searching, proposing & Planning new undergraduate & graduate programs.