The Deanship aims at serving students with the highest level of services, by training its staff on the latest academic systems available worldwide. We are proud to serve our students, and to communicate with them through specialized exhibitions; to demonstrate the university mission based on blended learning model via the combination of the modern e-learning tools and the well-known traditional education approach. 

    Based on this pioneering role, the deanship concerns itself with the provision of adequate and accurate information about the university, Colleges, disciplines, admission requirements and registration procedures, to ensure that students are aware of all the rules and regulations required throughout their university years. 

   Though the university is newly established, the Deanship has completed in a short period of time the development and updating of all systems and supporting tools such as: electronic admission system, registration system, academic follow-up system, results monitoring and other important electronic services. The Deanship is striving to take advantage of new technologies to connect the deanship with the different campuses of the university to accelerate the flow of work, and achieve Excellency in student affairs.

   The deanship is also concerned with supporting student life other than academic activities, through drafting and implementation of extracurricular activities plan including social, cultural, sports, scientific activities. Students with special needs are provided with dedicated programs designed to serve them on an individual basis. This will prepare them for the future era of information age. The university will enrich students through creating an optimal intellectual and supportive environment of education, training, skill and practice, pushing them to reach their full potential towards success. It will be promoting the concept of citizenship, moderation and dialogue; in order to equip students with useful skills and encourage their positive participation to hone their talents and skills to be part of the university achievements at both student community level, and the society in general.