Vice Deanship for Student Affairs

 The vice-Deanship of Students Affairs consists of a number of units, each of which specializes in specific types of skills that help students develop their personalities and enable them to actively interact inside and outside the university. The VDSA implements the annual extramural plan laid by the Deanship through the following units:

Cultural Ac​​tivities ​​​Unit: 

The Cultural Activities Unit organizes annual contests and events at the level of the SEU including all branches. These include contests for Quranic studies, specialized and general public lectures, Arabic calligraphy, poetry, essay writing, and short story. The unit also organizes and participates in events such as book exhibitions, cultural events including light drama and cultural weeks held in the SEU, or in other Saudi or Gulf universities.       

Social Affairs​​ Unit:

The Social Activities Unit organizes a variety of social activaties in which SEU students participate after being recommended from the deanship or from their colleges. These activities include organizing visits to prominent companies and institutions in KSA, to the branches of SEU in other cities, and trips to cities and areas in the KSA (e.g. Makka and Al-Medina). This is in addition to organizing exhibits and debates about topics of interest such as the negative effects of drugs and smoking, in addition to panel discussions and special occasion for awarding prizes to excellent students.        


​Sport Ac​​tivities ​Unit:

​The Sport Activities Unit organizes a number of annual sporting events at the level of SEU and its branches such as football, volleyball, table tennis, swimming and athletics. The SEU teams take part in competitions organized by other Saudi universities and with universities of GCC countries. The Unit also organizes an open event for special need students, and open sporting events related to its field of specialization and interests.


Students Partnership Unit   

The Students Partnership Unit aims at:

1- Encouraging and stimulating students' initiatives and supporting them.

2- Helping students obtain the skills and experience needed for a successful career in the job market.

3- Encouraging and nourishing a sense of initiative and creative entrepreneurship.

4- Utilizing students' ability and energy in academic achievement and community service.

5- Building in students a sense of responsibility and belonging to the university and the country.

6- Assisting students in development and self-fulfillment.

7- Offering students the opportunity to practice extra-mural activities and hobbies.

8- Developing in students the importance of volunteer work within the university and outside it.