The ALC is one of the academic bodies of the SEU. It aims at teaching, studying and publishing research in Arabic relevant to SEU main objectives and plans. It works out partnerships with advanced institutions specialized in Arabic, the language of the Holy Quran. 
The ALC has the vision, the ability and support from the university which will enable it to carry out its duties and contribute to the academic achievements of the SEU and the Arabic language.   

Main Tasks:​

The main tasks of ALC include:
- Meeting the SEU’s requirements in relation to Arabic.
- Developing SEU projects in the field of Arabic.
- Initiating contact with peers locally and abroad.
- Activating e-learning in the field of teaching and learning Arabic.
- Upholding the cultural role of Arabic as a language with distinctive contributions. 
- Attending to all aspects and specializations relevant to Arabic in the SEU.