Deanship's Message


  Welcome to the Deanship of Graduate Studies at Saudi Electronic University. We are looking to play a leading role in the development of postgraduate studies in Saudi Arabia by employing advanced techniques and computing applications which will enhance active learning and scientific research at the postgraduate level. These particular skills involve networking and gathering information to help build a knowledge-based society.

  The Deanship works, under the guidance of the University's Rector, to provide a suitable environment for postgraduate students in all aspects of their enrollment and study procedures as set out in the unified rules for postgraduate studies in the Saudi universities by the Ministry of Higher Education. The Deanship seeks to overcome any obstacles related to admission and study by using computerized applications to aid students and save time.

  The Deanship of Graduate Studies is pleased to offer full assistance and support to students in all areas of study and research. Also, we are committed to cooperating with other deanships and colleges to raise the level of the university and achieve its strategic plans in order to ensure that the Saudi Electronic University becomes a leader in providing postgraduate programs, attracting outstanding students, and contributing towards qualitative research.

  The Deanship is also aiming at establishing scientific and practical partnerships with various institutions to improve societal needs and achieve the country's developmental goals.

  Realization of these goals will only manifest with everyone's cooperation. Thus, we welcome your constructive suggestions, and wish everyone success and a blessed future.