Electronic Systems

1- Banner

Banner System manages all processes for student and faculty member with respect to university life from the moment of acceptance until the student's graduation from the university. It  is a system to accept and enroll students, and contains all the student information including (personal information, study plan, academic statement, admissions confirmation, student status, etc.).
Banner also contains all the information about faculty members in terms of (personal information, course schedule, and so on).
The system also provides auditing service for the students accounts, dropping and enrolling, final grades information, academic statement and personal information through the "self-service portal".​

2- Blackboard

Blackboard system provide tools to help build a better learning experience. Virtual classrooms, offices and meetings places, allow more opportunities for a large number of students through the provision of new learning styles, especially  peer-to-peer learning, learning through professor, and being able to deal with each individual student.
Also, through the use of Blackboard, students and faculty are able to access the content - and their groups, through various devices, including (Android-BlackBerry-IPhone OS ).

3-  Financial and Administrative system (ERP)

This system considered as one of the main pillars on SEU  which deals with faculty members & employees issues'. These issues as: data registration, documents, reports and records which require accounting and administrative procedures. Although, (ERP) provides self-service by (WAFI) for employees and faculty members.

4- Document management system (DMS)

An integrated system of electronic transactions which the user can perform incoming and outgoing referral transactions electronically and comment on them, based on the administrative structure of the university, and this makes the employee and the managers to terminate referral paperwork completely.

5- Share point system

The share point system is used to establish the university portal where it has all the abilities to present the portal in style and efficiency which insure quick access to the services and required information for students, employees, faculty members and stuff. The university relied on the latest global systems from Microsoft to reach that goal.

6- Da'am System

Da'am System receives requests electronically. It gives the user the capability to write down the necessary data that describing of trouble and type of help that user need. Then systems sends it to particular team to solve it while the user able to follow up ticket status. Da'am System recommended by global research institution for its flexibility and ease to use. For example, Gartner put Da'am on Magic Quadrant this area.

7-  Live Communication System. (Lync)

Lync program from Microsoft Corporation classified globally by Gartner in Magic Quadrant Since 2007 to 2014 . Lync System allows Saudi Electronic University staff to communicate by Live Chat, Call - video call, Group Discussion, meetings inside or outside university. Which save time and efforts and keeps distance between SEU branches close.

8- Attendance System.  (Hather)

This system for managing employees sign in and sign out, it lets employees to watch their daily attendance. Also, it gives employees supervisor' and attendance department to watch employees attendance. Hather assist SEU to apply attendance rules and deduct absence days and vacation.

9- Councils and Committees Management System​

​​The committees pro system provides infrastructure to manage the meetings of councils and committees electronically, this will facilitate the work and enhance the performance.

10- SEU Students Portal.
Students portal gives students access to their academic affairs instead of coming to SEU campus. It concern about issues students need during their learning until their graduation.   


11- Saudi Electronic University channel on iTunes U

SEU iTunes U channel works to provide some courses publicly, so they could browse and get benefit from the educational materials content through the iTunes U application, which is a free application for iPhone and iPad devices which allows the access to the educational content provided by the largest educational institutions in the world.