Dean's Word

All thanks are due to God alone, and may His blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad and all his family and companions.

    The first steps in any large enterprise is difficult and swarmed with challenges and may be mishaps; but that is exactly what brings persistence to achieve high goals for those who have steadfast belief in what they are doing. This the case of the Prep-year program which is envisaged to have a steady strong launch, though the university is just starting its long ambitious project.

     The DPY has from day one worked hard to prepare its staff and students to adapt to the needs of work within the new electronic virtual environment. The DPY has spared no pain to enable students to make the best use of the available educational facilities.

     The DPY has spared no effort to prepare pedagogical curricula and courses which measure up to international standards, in order to help learners to achieve a high level in personal and academic skills in addition to the academic components which serve to pave the way for them to complete their studies at the SEU, and open the future for them later. The DPY has also secured a well-trained qualified staff to teach its study plan and courses using up-to-date methods and equipment.

     ​The first year of the prep-year program has already passed and so has the first year of the SEU. The first year had its difficulties, challenges and lessons, which, put together, make an accumulative experience for the DPY and the SEU. This experience will be of certain significance for us in our future work, while we pray that may God help us to contribute to the improvement of our students and the rise of our country.

All thanks are due to God alone.         

Dean of Common First Year                

 Dr. Abdullah Abdurhman AL-Ruhaimi