Dean's Word

​​Praise be to Allah, The Lord of the World, and Peace and Blessings be upon his messenger, the companions, and his followers to the Day of Judgment:

Deanship of common First Year (CFY) is considered the main corner stone for the development and refinement of the student's talents, where the academic life of the students starts. The Deanship put the utmost efforts to achieve the objectives that will improve the academic level of student and thus the level of university in general. CFY provides the appropriate educational environment for student to develop various skills such as English language skills, computer, and thinking skills, etc. CFY and its implications of vision, mission and goals aspire to promote trends and skills to achieve academic performance and professional excellence. The Deanship works hard to use all the means for the benefit of its students.

The integrated education system and the Blackboard educational platform are among the most important things that student should be familiar with it at Saudi Electronic University, so CFY is doing all efforts to achieve it.

I ask Allah to inspire our guidance and take our steps for goodne​ss and helping us to do and behave as Allah wishes.

  Dean of Common First Year              

Dr. Abdullah Abdurrahman AL-Ruhaimi