Rules and Regulation for Common First Year

​Studying System:

  • Study system at SEU University based on that student is an active researcher for knowledge and its acquisition. SEU depends on self-learning approach for responsibility and leadership to achieve academic progress as well as its requirements and this requires a new vision of learner's roles in higher education. SEU offers modern education based on technology utilization in teaching and learning processes. Therefore, the role for faculty member is only to guide, motivate and facilitate learning process for student.
  • SEU depends on blended-learning approach, this system requires to attend F2F lectures by 25% - 33% including mid-term and final exams according to the region where student registered, and the remaining 66% - 75% is distributed to attend virtual classrooms, educational forums, and following-up of the digital education contents.
  • ​Student requires to attend at least 12 hours per week in English Language Course through Oxford system which includes interactive activities and virtual classrooms.
  •  Student requires to pay tuition fees (SR 130) for each accredited unit.

Passing First Common Year:

  1.  In order to pass First Common Year( CFY), student must successfully pass the following five courses (English, mathematics, computer, academic skills, and communication skills).
  2.  To pass English course, students must acquire at least (83) in STEP or (5.5) in IELTS. Since English is the official academic language at SEU, students cannot register in any university's' faculties till they obtain a minimum grade in STEP (60) or (4) in IELTS as well as minimum total course grade (23) of STEP grading system. Note, that the minimum grade for English Language and Translation Department is (65) in STEP test or (4.5) in IELTS test.
  3.  To pass the rest of CFY courses (mathematics, computer, academic skills, and communication skills), student requires to achieve 60% of the total course.
  4.  To enroll for major's courses, student requires to complete 26 hours of all CFY subjects.
  5.  English course's GPA is counted only as a failure or success course, whereas the rest of courses are counted in GPA.
  6.  In case of frailer for three courses or more , student  will be suspended from university.
  7.  In case of frailer for one or two course, student will be given the chance to study these courses in summer semester through virtual classrooms, Education Forums, and Blackboard without F2F attendance.
  8.  In case of frailer passing two courses in summer semester, student will be given the chance to study these courses in the following semester (exceptional semester) through virtual classrooms, Education Forums, and Blackboard without F2F attendance.
  9.  In case of not passing the required courses after been given the chance in the following academic semester(exceptional semester), student will be suspended from university and can be enrolled as new student after two academic semesters following the suspension.
  10.  Students, who failed in the English course, require to register English Language course in summer semester and pay fees of (8) hours instead of (16) hours whereas all other course should  be paid as normal charges. Note, the tuition fees for summer semester is reduced by 50%.


Note: Academic schedules and procedures are indicated in the Academic Calendar.