​The DPY offers a first class quality program which develops basic skills and widens professional background, by enforcing positive trends and attitudes that help achieve distinguished academic performance. The prep-year study plan includes the following courses:

- English language skills (Eng101 - Egs102)

- Computer Essentials (Cop 101)

- Communication Skills (Com 101)

- Fundamentals of  Mathematics (Mat 101)

- Academic Skills (Acs 101)

The study method is based on blended e-learning. It requires a rate of 25% for class attendance, and the remaining 75% of the grades are allotted for attending virtual classes and educational forums and continual following of digital instructional content.   



Main Tasks


The main tasks of DPY include:

- To Prepare students to continue their studies in different academic tracks, and pass prep-year program achieving a high GPA.   

- To develop students' basic skills in English, computer and thinking.

- To widen educational background vital for reinforcing knowledge economy, which is founded on the acquisition, generation and spread of knowledge. 

- To reinforce a positive attitude towards learning, particularly self-teaching and self-management.

- To cultivate e-learning environment habit-formation. 

- To encourage creativity and self-development.