Dean's Word

​All thanks are due to God, and may His blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad and all his family and companions.

    There is no doubt about the fact that the revival of any nation is conditioned by its ability to adopt scientific advancement and its resulting technologies. This comes only through strong unwavering commitment to carry out scientific research and adopt the scientific methods, and being ready to pay the costs and bear the consequences.

       Since educational institutions, especially  universities and its professors, are best qualified to carry out scientific research, the SEU has from its first days seen the importance of establishing the RI which is planned to be a bright point in producing scientific research, and in offering its services to the public and private sectors in our country.

     Since universities are committed to the three goals of teaching, research and community service, the RI of the SEU constitutes a significant component in fulfilling these goals: instructing through training, lectures and symposia, research through undertaking research projects and publishing studies and books, and community service through studying social problems and offering explanations and solutions to clients and beneficiaries.

      In the RI we are committed to the spread of scientific approach and knowledge in Saudi society, while we encourage and nourish scientifically orientated individuals by putting them on the track of sound scientific thinking.  

Our last word is in praise of God the lord of the universe.

                     Dean of Research Institute

           Dr.  Abdullah bin Sulaiman Al-Sayed​​