Publication Awards

​​​​​​One of the objectives of the Deanship of scientific research is to develop and encourage scientific research by offering research incentives. It aims at providing a creative supporting environment for both faculty members and students in order to encourage them to produce scientific research and to promote the university rank locally and internationally. The research incentives Awards are classified as follows:

1- The Faculty Award for Scientific Publication.
2- The Award for Joint Scientific Publication.
3- The Postgraduate Award for Scientific Publication.

For more information, please download the Guide of Scientific Research Incentives​.


​Requirements for Publication Reward:

  • The applicant must be affiliated to SEU.
  • The applicant submit the application using DSR’s e-services (
  • The author must indicate his/her affiliation to SEU in his/her research.
  • The applicant must apply his/her research during the announced time in every semester.
  • The research must not have been supported from SEU. 
  • The research must be published or accepted to be published in national peer- reviewed journals or a journal indexed in (Thomson Routers ISI) list.​
  • The applicant must present a complete hard copy of his/her published research and another soft copy in pdf.
  • The date of publishing research must not be more than two years since the date of application.​


The process of Publication Reward Payments:


 Case​​Reward %
First Author affiliated to SEU  or  Single Author
Two or more authors affiliated to SEU.
The Author affiliated to SEU is not the 1st author.50%​