The SFEA came to being by a decree of the Council of Higher Education in its seventy-first session dated 14/11/1433Hijra, which received royal approval of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the Prime Minister and the Chairman of the Council of Higher Education, by royal directive No. 7385/B dated 26/2/1434Hijra.

The SFEA has the responsibility of organizing the financial and administrative affairs of academic faculty and those in their category, in addition to SEU's employees, technicians and workers.

The SFEA supervises and undertakes all measures that service and organize the SEU in achieving a pioneer role in teaching, research and community service, through administration of human resources, ensuring the well-being of this central component in the pedagogical and administrative operations of the university.

The DFEA recruits highly qualified faculty and employees to take up positions and jobs not taken by Saudi counterparts, cooperating and coordinating these operations with relevant departments and bodies inside and outside the KSA. At the same time, the SFEA contributes to improving the performance of SEU's employees by sponsoring training and scholarship programs in various areas of expertise and specializations.