EF Education First (EF) was founded in 1965. EF became one of world's largest private education organization that uses simple, yet radical and creative methods to learn English language.

Today,  EF has 15 divisions that comprise 450 schools and offices in more than 50 countries, as well as a network of 35,000 staff. Each division offers a range of educational options: online and local language schools, educational travel, academic degrees, and cultural exchange.

EF's Online School contains 16 levels. Each level contains 8 units and an end of unit test. Each unit contains a number of different activities to develop student English language skills that aligned perfectly with international standards.

Since foundation, SEU has employed EF where students can log into the system to develop their English language skill. The system contains different activities and collaborative learning tools that help students to learn the language and allow them to interact virtually with their English language instructors.

EF considered a global pathfinder programs to learn English as a second language, therefore the deanship of Preparatory year has selected EF institution to be its basic building block in learning English.  

SEU started a strategic partnership with EF to avail from the institution long experience in their English programs especially examination system. 


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