History Timeline


​​A royal decree was issued by King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz , the custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, On 10/8/2011 to launch the Saudi Electronic University (SEU) as a government educational institution. The SEU is the only specialized university in distance education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that offers both graduate and undergraduate degree programs along with life-long education. The university includes the College of Administration and Finance Sciences, the College of Computer and Informatics, and the College of Health Sciences. environment based on information and communications technology, e-learning, and distance education. It will award academic degrees in programs and specializations compatible with the needs of the labor market and the requirements of development and lifelong learning, and will participate in building a knowledge-based economy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and assist in conveying the Kingdom's cultural message worldwide. characterized by flexibility, excellence of outputs, and responsiveness to the requirements of the labor market. modern information-related skills, by means of a virtual environment which is more compatible with the needs of comprehensive development and the labor market. cooperation with international organizations and faculty members, and to present refined educational content from a diversity of international sources and localize it in a form appropriate to Saudi society.



The Saudi E-University is a government university that represents one of the modalities of higher education.

Goals of the University

1) To represent the nation and to compete other international universities.

2) To present a flexible and distinguished example of higher education, support self-learning skills, and to offer knowledge .

3) To offer higher education based on the best applications and technologies of e-learning, to transfer and localize knowledge .

4) To support the mission and the concept of lifelong e-learning and distance education for all members of Saudi society.