General Questions

General Questions

General Questions

General Questions

In pursuit of the Deanship of the first joint year to overcome the difficulties that may face its students, the most common questions were collected in order for students to benefit from them, and the questions included several axes:

  1. New students.
  2. Summer season.
  3. Extraordinary chapter.

How to access student services

How to enter to SEU (Single sign-on) systems?

After final acceptance, The university will send a message with username and password to the registered phone number to enter the website.

If you have a problem to access the website, please contact us:

Payment of tuition fees for new students

When can I pay the tuition fees?

New students can pay directly after the initial admission, but in the second semester after the end of the course registration period. As for struggling summer students, they can pay directly after registering the courses, according to the dates specified in the academic calendar. * In the event of any payment problem, contact the Registration Department's email.

How much is the common first year fee, and how is it calculated?

The value of the unit of study is (130) riyals. The total number of credit hours per semester is (13) hours. Tuition fees are calculated by multiplying the total number of credit hours registered by the unit value by 130 x 13 = 1690 riyals.

What is the last day for tuition payment?

According to what is shown in the academic calendar based on the official website of the university, or what is announced according to what is emerging and emerging.

Academic schedules for new students

How can I amend the study schedule?

The period or day can be modified according to what is available by writing to the Joint First Year Deanship on the e-mail:

Student Affairs Email:

Female Student E-mail:

How to see the academic schedule?

- Log in to the university website(Single sign-on).

- Student Self-service.

- Banner.

- Student.

- Sign in.

- Academic schedule.

*The student can merge the courses of the first semester with the courses of the second semester if the English language equation is approved during the equivalence period of Common First Year courses that is announced in the academic calendar

Attendance for new students

What is the university study system?

"Integrated education" is the system of education approved at the university, and this system requires direct attendance of lectures according to the academic schedule at the university headquarters by 25% - 33% and attendance of interactive virtual classes at 66% - 75%.

What is the method used to know the attendance dates for the interactive virtual classes?

It is by agreement between teachers and students during direct attendance.

If the date of the introductory meeting coincides with the academic schedule, then who should attend?

It is best to attend the introductory meeting to familiarize yourself with the systems and answer multiple inquiries.

What is deprivation?

It is not allowing the final exam, and the student will be deprived when his absence without excuse exceeds 25% of the total virtual or direct lectures, or one of them.

What are the reasons that lead to deprivation from entering the final test?

Absence without an acceptable excuse for those whose absence rate exceeds 25%. Absenteeism without excuse at all for those whose absence exceeds 25%. Another reason the university appreciates.

Hours for new students

What is the difference between the names of the watches?

Actual hours: The hours a student studies at the university.

Credit hours: are the hours that are calculated for the student in the average.

Earned hours: It is the total number of credit hours that the student has passed or what was equivalent to him and is not counted among the portable courses, this means that if the student carried a course his hours are not counted here.

Recorded hours: The number of hours a student registered in one semester or in all semesters.

Note that the number of hours per semester for the first common year (13 hours).

If the student is an employee and needs to provide a schedule registered past hours or examination attendance report to his employer?

By logging in to the university website (Single sign-on)to obtain the required statement.

Summer Season

Who are the students who benefit from the summer semester in the first joint year?

Students who stumbled in one or two of the common first year courses (English language - communication skills - academic skills - computer basics - math principles), provided that the student’s average is not less than (1).

Are all joint first year courses available in the summer semester?

Yes, all joint first year courses are available:

(English language, computer basics, academic skills, communication skills, mathematics)

What is the method of studying in the summer season?

The study is conducted by default attendance system only, for all the first year joint courses.

If two of the joint first year courses are not exceeded, can one course be registered in the summer semester and another one in the first semester?

Yes, it is possible.

Can the common first year students -who have not passed two courses or less - withdraw the summer semester after courses registered ?

Yes, through Academic Procedures icon (withdraw the summer semester ) when it is available on the Student Services icon according to the academic calendar.

*   If you have any questions, contact the Admissions Department:


Are there total grades for the Common First Year courses during the summer semester?

Yes, Grades will be explained by the faculty members on Black Board.

How can student register in summer courses?

The deanship announces for the registration links and CRN courses through university website and the official account of the deanship. The student can register through the announced link.

How can be ensured that the course is registered?

If the term (web registered) is shown in front of the course this means the course has been registered in the Panner and you can enter the academic record in the same Panner to see the registered courses in the summer semester within 24 working hours from the last created schedule.

Is there a debarment from the summer semester?

There is no debarment form the summer semester, and not attending virtual classes affects student’s grades and level of study.

What happen for those who did not pass the summer semester?

They must register in the exceptional semester, which is the last chance to pass the Common First Year, and is available for those who have two courses or less and their GPA is not less than 1.

How much is the course fee in the summer semester for the first joint year?

# Course Name The number of hours Hourly cost the total cost
0 Computer Basics 3 65 riyals 195 riyals
1 Principles of mathematics 3 65 riyals 195 riyals
2 communication skills 2 65 riyals 130 riyals
3 Academic skills 2 65 riyals 130 riyals
4 English 8 65 riyals 520 riyals

Exceptional Semester

What is exceptional semester?

It’s last chance for those who did not pass the summer semester for  one or two Common First Year courses (English language - communication skills - academic skills - computer basics - math principles) or who were unable to register in the summer semester, and its’ at the beginning of the first semester

What is the method of studying in the exceptional semester?

The deanship announces for the registration links and CRN courses through university website and the official account of the deanship. The student can register through the announced link. Studying system is the same as summer semester

What does a person who did not pass the exceptional semester do?

Student will be terminated from university and he\she will be asked to withdraw his\her file. If student want to register again, he\she can enroll as a new student after two semesters.

Contact the mail for the Common First Year For inquiries:

For students :

For female students :